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obedient29 [userpic]
by obedient29 (obedient29)
at August 7th, 2006 (07:40 pm)

Asian girls! *swoon*

This is my first commission. I was talking to an old "friend" the other day and we got to talking about this experience we had, she asked if I could write the story and I said sure. Her name is Kim and she's awesome. I told her I'd add a little something for her to rub herself to... so this is another story of mine in which the later half is fictional and the first half is true (which is why she agreed to me writing it, haha). FYI, I learned later that this was her first orgasm ever. EVER. Talk about an ego stroker!!

Before I put the story down, she asked that I write this first though. She writes=

quote~[ All you other ladies out there... read this... and then pretend youre me... predend this fucking hot man is finger fucking you... and thank him for it... because he wuz good... like REaLLY fucking good.... ]~

I in no way think I was worth such a compliment! Here's to asian women! *raises glass* Here's to Kim! *chugs*

I know most guys think all asian girls have the body of a twelve year old boy, can't drive worth shit, and work in a laundro-mat. Well I'm here to say differently. I'm a little tired of the stereotype and thought this story might help diffuse it. This particular girl, was a KNOCKOUT. I'll describe her appearance in a sec though.

Her name was Kim. We were both in high school, both in band, and both 18 years old. Our high school band was (still is) very competitive. We always strive to at least win the state competition and then move on to regional championships. I played lead trumpet back then, she was in the second trumpet section. My directors had come to me earlier, saying that I should give lessons, that it would be a good experience for me. Well.. they were right!!!

Kim had expressed interest in lessons from me and I was more than happy to oblige. It was towards the end of the season and we had known each other for about three years. She was a great person, insanely attractive and just my type of humor. In retrospect I've no idea why we didn't date... but anyway. Now this is my beef with high school girls (the majority of them anyway). THEIR JUST SO DAMNED INSECURE. If the majority of them only knew HALF of the dudes that lusted after them, they would buck up reeeeaaall quick. They always would shy away at a risky moment or bat their eyes and play it safe, cowering away from any type of contact. I mean hey if you don't want to that's fine, but take some risks every now and then, am I alone in this opinion?

Anyway, this is where it gets interesting to me, we had a mutual friend. I was talking to this mutual friend one day and she let it slip that Kim thought I was hot! I pressed about it, she must have felt like it was obvious and useless to try and hide, because she spilled the beans. Kim thought I was drop dead gorgeous! What the hell!? Turns out she'd masturbated to me and everything. While I admit I was a bit creeped out, my mind raced with possibilities... I pressed her further and found out that her favorite part of my body were my abs. THIS gave me a game plan, haha. Even further and I found out that she was a sub. Ugh, bad news. I happen to be a sub as well. Well... I was sure we'd get over that... *evil grin*

The day of the lesson came. My parents were out of town on business and would be gone for the next few days. I had always been complimented on my arms, so I wore a tight sleeveless shirt and low fitting shorts. I sprayed on some scent and hoped for the worst (muahaha). The doorbell rang and I went downstairs to answer it. And people I cannot express this enough, she was STUNNING. I instantly KNEW that she was doing all this on purpose, nobody wore THAT to a trumpet lesson! Hahahahahaha.

She wore a see-thru black mesh tank-top from Hustler, a dark-red studded bra underneath. A pair of super-tight jeans with holes all along them, a studded belt and some sort of belt-buckle (I forget, haha). Her dark hair was streaked and she wore dark eyeliner (SWOON!!). Her Chuck Taylors were black and red, complete with a black choker, this girl was the devil!! How awesome!!! About her body, again the stereotype is blown out of the water. She was pretty much a porn-star. Huge chest, awesome butt, thick legs. TIGHT tummy, all very tan. Her hair fell down to graze her collarbone raggedly... UGH. (Okay okay okay, I'm getting to the smut)

"Hi!" she said in that unsure way you girls do. I was literally speechless for a few seconds, regaining my composure, "You're late." I said. "Fuck you!" she said and we laughed as I let her in (again, my sort of humor). We made small talk as we walked up stairs, her trumpet case slung around her shoulder. We got to my room and set up to play, I was wondering if she'd worn all that for me, but since she didn't jump me right away, I thought maybe it actually WASN'T for me...

The sunlight found it's way in my room through my two windows. The dusty sunlight masked the intensity of the room, the tension was thick and I loved it. I could tell that she was unsure, even her playing reflected it. She was normally a fantastic player, but her sound held wavering in it. I could tell she was anxious...

We began with a slow warm-up, lip slurs, intonation, we warmed up our mouth pieces a little TOO much (remember that..) then we got to breathing techniques. "Make sure your diaphragm is always tight for a good, strong air-supply," I said as we stood, our horns in the playing position. I noticed that she ALWAYS kept eye contact with me and the occasional glance down my body. Dunno why, since I was wearing a shirt... but she seemed confused.

I wanted to flirt, but I didn't want to look like a man-whore. Remembering she loved my abs, I took her tiny hand gently, "here, feel my diaphragm as I play," I took her fragile wrist and slipped it under my shirt, making sure to drag it gently along my abs all the way up to my diaphragm (the diaphragm is a muscle that controls your lungs, it's located pretty much just under your rib cage). I watched her eager face transform in disbelief as she felt all of my abs, then I finally flattened it against my abs. I breathed deeply in, and then out into my horn, playing an ascending G scale. After I finished my ascending scale and put the horn down, I released her hand, but it didn't move...

I looked at her questionably, she looked back with hunger in her dark eyes... I felt her other hand slip under my shirt and run up my abs, over my pecs and begin to explore. The other hand tugged at my shorts playfully. She walked in, closing our gap. I heard her trumpet fall on my bed, I let my fall to the floor, and our words were dissolved into our misty passion as she rushed into my arms and our lips met.

Tenderly at first, lips only... nibbling with the occasional nip of my teeth to show her I wanted her. And I HAD wanted this, I KNEW that she had also. Remember my beef with insecure girls? I was tired of her insecurity, I was tired of her shying away from me, I was tired of her wanting to be fulfilled but being just too damned scared, I was tired of her being too polite, I was tired of watching her and not touching her, I was tired of her obeying my "personal space". Bust most of all...

I was tired of her wanting me, and not having me. She was about to have me, alright. She'd have me ALL to herself, all the way, deeeep into her tight little cunt.

I remember actually being surprised at myself for such dominant thoughts, I was VERY submissive at the time. She's just such an awesome person... she deserved a damned good orgasm, and I was going to give her as many as I could. I scooped her shoulders up inside my chest, my embrace dominating her much smaller body. Our kiss growing in passion at an alarming rate. I felt her quiver and took the initiative, releasing her only for moments to lift up my shirt and hang it around her neck. She giggled furiously and I smiled back, "A present for you..." I said, drooping it around her shoulders. I knew she'd masturbate to my scent and this memory and my dick got harder. "Thanks.. but I want something else...." she said in this voice that just about made me melt. I growled and scooped her back into my arms, kissing even faster.

I felt her body actually growing weak, and I bent my knees, initiating our kneel. We knelt down and she lay into me, kissing up a storm. All of my insecurities and warning alarms seemed to be put on mute, and I felt her tight, tan tummy. My fingers toying with her mesh shirt, she stopped the kiss and gave me the silent 'okay' in her eyes, I pulled her shirt up and off, her breasts in her bra fell gloriously free now. I grasped them and kneaded the nipples through her dark red bra. "MMMMm" an enormous moan emanated from her little throat and her head shot back. This girl had more sexual tension than I'd ever seen!!

Her legs swung around and we straddled each other equally, front to front. That's what I wanted, her to feel like an equal, her to forget about her feeling of unworthy-ness and just let go to the pleasure. I was going to give her my all. Her hands hung free as she luxuriated in the feeling of my fingers massaging her GORGEOUS breasts. After a short while, her head still hanging loose, I leaned in, and she gasped.. no. She SCREAMED as she felt my velvetty lips pry her bra down and envelope around her right little nipple. My other hand working feverishly over her left nipple, I knew she'd never had this done before.. so I added a hint of teeth, LOVING the way her chest moved and heaved with life as I worked her over...

"Oah...ooohhfuck..OOOHFUCK.." she wailed as her hands gripped my head and pulled me inside the generous curves of her breasts.. good, maybe now she'll show some aggression... And that she did, thoroughly surprising me, she pulled my head up and kissed me. Hard.

"Thanks.. now fuck me." she said, oooooh now THAT was more like it. Sounded almost like a command! We're definitely making progress... "Do you want me to?" I asked, knowing that she did, knowing that it was her fantasy, knowing that she wanted nothing else in the world at that moment. "Oh God yes..." she moaned as I kissed her neck. "I'm not sure... you may regret this later.." I nibbled her neck tenderly.

"I won't.. please.. just fuck me..." she whined. "Are you..sure...?" I nipped her ear playfully. "Yess!" she sighed.

"Hmmmmm.." I let my lips buzz inside her ear and I felt her body shudder, "Fuck me right now. Do me..screwme..take..fuk..ah.....whatever!" [this is a direct quote] I actually laughed, my breath blowing against her ear. "Fuck me!!!" she commanded. NOW we were getting somewhere!

Caring more for her pleasure, I figured fingering her would be the best bet in this situation. So I took her little asian body in my hands and spun it around, I'd always wanted to do this. Her back was now leaning against my chest, my embrace. Her lithe body inside my chest, my legs on either side of her, her entire body for my hands leisure. "Alright... dirty girl...." I purred over the back of her neck. I fumbled with her belt-buckle, managed to rip it off, and unzip her jeans a little. She wasn't wearing any panties... "Such a dirty girl... do you like being dirty..?" I mewed in her ear.

"I love it.. loooveeAAH" she moaned, whatever she said cut short as she felt my hand over her mound, her body squirmed in just the way I'd dreamed it would. "I..I love b...being your slut..." she moaned, the words seemed to emanate from her gorgeous neck. "Oh?" I said as I dipped my fingers down and in slightly, I felt the response from her body. My hands moved slowly at first, judging what she liked and what she didn't from her reactions, trying to be smart about this.

There was definitely an air of dominance in the room and it was from me, this was an entirely new situation and I was unsure, but did my best to install authority with all of my movements. Her legs twisted and writhed while her hands ran over my arms, I guess my arms were attractive after all... It seemed like the lower section of her pussy was much more sensitive so I concentrated lots of my effort there. Her body seemed to shake, quiver, and quake faster, she was going to cum soon...

THIS was when our trumpet warm up REALLY payed off. I reached over and grabbed my trumpet's mouth piece (for those of you who don't know, a trumpet mouth piece is about an inch wide and about four inches long. It's made of solid brass though, so it's harder than hell). It was on fire, warm as hell and I smoothed it around her lower entrance, I could tell she was confused ... then......

I slammed it inside her without any restraint, I felt the reaction through her entire body, her scream was cut short in her throat and she was just along for the ride now...

"OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK..FUUUUUUUUUUUUAUAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Good GOD it was so hot... the words coming out of her mouth as I pumped her with one hand and a mouth piece. My fingers, toned and strong from hours, days, weeks, years of drum practice were a blur of motion, the mouth piece smoothing and pumping with incredible speed. My lips and mouth toned and strengthened from years and years of trumpet practice worked over her neck and ears playfully. Her body was losing control and...

Her cunt squeezed and convulsed, contracting all around my hand and mouthpiece... almost a solid minute passed while the words caught short in her tensed throat as she came. HARD. Her body seemed to be made of marble as it would tense... then writhe... then tense up again... then again... (I have no idea how many orgasms she had)

Then it was done.

She was a mess. Her tan flesh was moist with sweat. Her heavy breathing and her panting turned me on, my neglected cock straining. I scooped her into my arms, into my chest, and embraced her entire body lovingly. "Was it good for you, too?" I joked after she caught her breath, "fuck you..." she breathed, I smiled and we laughed. "I'm never washing this mouthpiece ever again," I said honestly and she laughed hard as she recuperated, cudling with me cutely...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of the true story. So Kim, you said you wanted to be dominated? Well, this is where I would like things to have gone...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I waited for a good couple of minutes for her to catch her breath, wondering if I should take her by surprise... deciding it was best. I waited for my moment, waited.... waited......

Her breathing was gradually slowing, her amazing chest heaving less so every second... then....


My hands gripped under her arms harshly and I TOSSED her onto my bed to our right. She looked back, only enough time to transmit a look of wounded excitement, I walked to the foot of the bed, slapped my hands down on her little feet, GRIPPING both her tiny little tan ankles "GET the fuck back here." I growled and violently YANKED her body down from the bed back to me, her thighs and legs falling off of the foot of the bed, but her pelvis still staying on the bed.

Here she was, a fucking ADONIS before me, on her stomach on my bed, legs hanging off, her ass and cunt open for me...

The light from my windows poured in through the shades, my room seemed to be dull, drab, dusty... and then Kim. Her body laid out before me on my bed, tummy first. Her tan flesh held a saturation to it, with sweat and soon to be cum. Her tan, amazing ass lay patiently for me. I could see the edges of her breasts peeking out from her back as they flattened down against my ultra-cushiony mattress.

Her face turned and looked to me from behind her shoulder, I couldn't tell if she was smiling or frowning, her shoulder hid it, but her gorgeous asian eyes said it all... she wanted it. I knew it.

My rock hard cock straining, I let my pants fall to the floor, I was naked now, I wondered if all those times she masturbated to me... if I'm worth all the hype? Doesn't matter, she's getting fucked anyway.

I smooth my hands flat and unhook her wet bra, letting the straps fall on either side of her, she's on her tummy anyway so I can't see them, she's not moving, is she afraid? Good, that must mean her little heart is beating nice and fast... my hands run over her back, her legs starting to go numb from being bent at an odd angle... my fingers still warm and damp from her sex... her already tan, moist back muscles gleaming...

I lean down, my chest resting on her back, my lips arrive at her ear, buzzing in them warmly. I purr,

"Alright... you want to be the victim?... you want to be scared?... you want to be the one who is used?... you want to shy away all those times and cower from what you deserve?... fine... well NOW look at you....

... you're going to get fucked, Kim. Hard." I said with ultimate authority. She whimpered at the power of my words, helplessly shivering under me. "You're going to get pounded... and you're going to like it...

... you're finally going to get what you deserve from me... all those times you fucking flicked your little cunt to my image...." I added as much aggression as I could to my words, hearing her whimper pleasingly.

I grabbed my cock and positioned it under her asshole, at the bottom of her cunt, making sure not to touch anything just yet.

"...Well this is real, Kim... I..am real... this is your reality.... and this is going to hurt. A lot." I said, RAMMING my cock into her tight little asian cunt as hard as my hips would thrust. "FCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" she wailed, screaming, tears of pleasure streaming down her cute little cheeks. My cock, now balls deep in her cunt, worked itself around comfortably. GOOD LORD she's tight, it's almost unbearable!

"Is that good?" I ask in her ear. Amongst her sobbing, "Oh...oh fuck yes Alex...fuck me...own me...please.....make me your slut....." she whimpered. I laughed and pulled my cock out again. "Oh that was going to happen anyway... " I said, exerting my authority over her limp form. "Now... hold still..." I said, hoping you wouldn't...


Another ram and her body heaves forward on the bed, she lets out another yelp and I laugh harder. "Fuck yeah.." I say, loving how tight she is around my base. "Feel my cock? That's real.. fucking better than your fantasies, RIGHT?!"

"Oh GOD YES!!!" she moaned.

"Feel those, Kim? Feel my balls under your ass? Those are real too..." I say, taking her surprise at my words as an opportunity for another RAM of my cock into her cunt. She cried out and I SLAMMED into her again, more screams. Another BANG. And another. And another. AND ANOTHER.

She's rambling quickly, spewing forth something in the Viet Namese language that I can't understand, but it's fucking hot. It adds fuel to my flame and I work my hips faster, spreading my footing and propping one leg up on the bed for leverage.

I can hear that she's enjoying it in the tone of her voice, obviously not having a clue what she's saying, though every now and again hearing my name amongst the foreign language. I let her rage on in her world of bliss as my pumps become too fast for her to bear. "Beg for me... BEG FOR MY FUCKING COCK." I command.

"HA...AAAH...PLEA.PLEASE..PLEASE ALEX PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEEEEEEEEASEFUCK ME HAAARDERAAAAAH!!!!!" she screamed, I can see her contorting face from behind her shoulder, sopping wet with sweat and illuminated from the light through the shudders. Good God you are beautiful, Kim. I feel you contracting around me.

I love her pussy, how it's squeezing, contracting, pulsing, curling, gripping, convulsing, throbbing around my cock. "IS THIS YOUR FUCKING FANTASY?! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?? NOW FUCKING CUM FOR ME. RIGHT FUCKING NOW." I raged, hoping you're enjoying this as much as I. And then she came...

EXPLODING on my cock. Her moans transmuted into one gigantic, frantic, panicky scream, lasting the length of half of her orgasm, then as she ran out of breath, my cock still thrusting in her cunt, her lungs convulsed and she tensed, her juices erupting around me. A minute passed, then another.. then another...

And then her body relaxes. It is done.

I pull out, my seed inside her tight cunt, and collapse next to her. I'm slightly breathing heavy and she looks as though she's recovering from sprinting a marathon. I scoot her body up onto the bed and let her rest in her daze of bliss. "Are you okay?" I asked. Her eyes open, piercing my senses, and she leans to kiss me. A molten, fiery, passionate make-out for several minutes.

"I'll take that as a yes..." I whisper, getting closer to her ear. "And that's good..." her eyes open quizzically. "h...u..huh?" she questions me with a moan. I lean closer, lips buzzing in her ear. I say childishly, "Good... because what's next is even better..."


I lay next to her, cradling her warmly. "Oh yes... we're nowhere NEAR done yet..."

"Ooh.." she replies with a half goofy/half worried smile, and takes the five minutes I give her to recover.


Well that's my first attempt at something even slightly dominant, I hope you like it Kim! And anyone else who reads! I hope it wasn't too extreme or anything, I've never been so dominant before... it's kind of nice!!