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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 27th, 2006 (11:30 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Aerosmith - Livin On The Edge

We sit face to face in the hot bath. My legs are wrapped around your waist and your cock is just inches away from my hole. The light is off but the flickering of the tea lights light the room enough. We kiss passionately with tongues darting around each others mouths or caressing one another’s lips. You break the kiss because you are dizzy, maybe because of the combination of the heat from the water or lack of oxygen. You lean back on the wall and shut your eyes.

I start to drizzle water on your bare chest and watch your face just to make sure you are ok. I notice you shaved today and I want to reach out to feel the smoothness but I know I wont be able to reach. You smile slightly with your eyes still shut, I guess you are enjoying the water that is running down your chest and over your nipples then over your stomach. Or maybe you like it when I follow those drips of water with my nails. I look back at your face. You have some hair resting on your still shut eyelid, I want to move it so it does poke you when you open your eyes; but again, I cant reach. I watch you sit back completely relaxed with a cute smile across your face and think about how six months ago I never thought any of this would have happen and how happy I am that it did.

Slowly you open your eyes and blink a couple times to focus better and your smile grows wider. You are able to reach out and you touch my cheek with your hand. We are looking into each others eyes and I want to tell you so badly but its hard for me. I never felt this way about anyone before and it still seems so soon but I know the feelings are true. You blow me a kiss and ask me “what?”. My eyes cant hide anything and you are starting to learn that. The words are at the tip of my tongue but wont come out. I look at you for a moment longer trying to gain the courage but all that comes out is “nothing” and I flash you a big smile before pulling you in for a kiss.

Eventually we get out of the bath and stumble onto your bed. I’m cold at first so I pull the blankets over me and we cuddle a bit. Soon I’m on top of you and you gasp when my wet pussy touches your hard cock. “damn that’s feels nice”. I start moving my hips making my pussy slide up and down your length. Now im hot and I toss the blankets back and off us. I pick up the pace and kiss you where ever my mouth leads me to. You begin to move in perfect rhythm with my hips and our tempo picks up once more. With each thrust I notice how close your head is to hitting the wall behind you so I move a hand there to protect you. I can feel the sweat beginning to form where our bodies touch. I missed you so much while I was away and this all feels so perfect.

We are nose to nose breathing heavily into each others mouth and you speak:
“Holly? Do you feel love when we do this?”
“ah uh” is all I am able to moan into your mouth
A small pause while we continue to grind.
“I love you Holly”
“I love you”. Oh god it feels so good to tell you

We change positions and I take hold of your cock and stroke it fast when you push a finger up into me. Its not long before I feel my insides tense up and your hot cum all over my stomach.

Time to shower.