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obedient29 [userpic]
by obedient29 (obedient29)
at August 7th, 2006 (07:40 pm)

Asian girls! *swoon*

This is my first commission. I was talking to an old "friend" the other day and we got to talking about this experience we had, she asked if I could write the story and I said sure. Her name is Kim and she's awesome. I told her I'd add a little something for her to rub herself to... so this is another story of mine in which the later half is fictional and the first half is true (which is why she agreed to me writing it, haha). FYI, I learned later that this was her first orgasm ever. EVER. Talk about an ego stroker!!

Before I put the story down, she asked that I write this first though. She writes=

quote~[ All you other ladies out there... read this... and then pretend youre me... predend this fucking hot man is finger fucking you... and thank him for it... because he wuz good... like REaLLY fucking good.... ]~

I in no way think I was worth such a compliment! Here's to asian women! *raises glass* Here's to Kim! *chugs*

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obedient29 [userpic]
Holly... pt. 3!
by obedient29 (obedient29)
at August 4th, 2006 (07:08 pm)

Pt. 3! (pt. 1 and 2 are in my lj) Hope somebody out there is enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it, haha.

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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at July 3rd, 2006 (09:46 pm)

current mood: sore/happy

We had just come back to your place after having dinner with my family. We sat and watched tv for a bit to let our food digest. Not too long after we first sat down did you start to kiss up my leg and let your hand slide up my jean skirt to reach my panties. I sat up better so that I could kiss your lips and soon found myself straddling your waist with my skirt hiked up over my hips. I kiss your mouth as your hands round my ass. You break the kiss and say “do you wanna have a shower?” ‘Good idea’ I thought since we had spent most of the afternoon outside in the heat.

We got off the couch at the same time and kissed our way to the bathroom stumbling over stuff on the floor and our own feet. You untied my halter top as I reached for the buttons on your shirt. As I pulled my shirt over my head you unbuttoned my skirt then I grabbed at your belt and smoothed your hands over my beasts as I was wearing no bra. When we finished undressing each other, you got the water ready as I tied up my hair. You watched me while you sat on the edge of the tub and I smiled back at you thinking about how I never saw us coming together like this before.

You got in the shower and I followed with my hair piled on top of my head hoping for it not to get wet. You turned around and pinned me against the cold tile wall and your tongue explored the inside of my mouth. With the cold tiles on my back, the hot water spraying my front and your hot wet tongue in my mouth I was on sensory overload which only got more intense when I felt your hard cock pressing into my slippery pussy. All I could do was lean up against the wall and let my brain turn to mush. You started kissing down my throat and neck to my chest and my fingers became entangled in your now wet hair.

You took your cock and started rubbing my clit with it. You asked if I was enjoying it. You knew I was with the sounds I was making. It felt so warm hard and wet on my clit and felt so incredibly good. You leaned forward a bit forcing you cock along my slit, making sensations even more desirable. You had done this before but for some reason it felt so much better this time. You must have been reading my mind when you asked if I wanted you inside me. I had to think long and hard this time, before the answer was simple and you accepted that but this time, I really had to think.

You sensed my hesitation and questioned me more but this time with more inciting words suggesting how good it would feel. ‘oh god I want it so bad’ is what I’m thinking but “not yet” is what comes out. More and more you question me because you know what I’m thinking. “Tomorrow” I say. You pause for a second “really?” I smile and nod and think ‘oh fuck did I just say that?’ But it’s really what I want. You ask me a million times if I’m sure and I reassure you I’m serious. Soon you realise tomorrow is the 26th and understand but jokingly ask “can we just wait till midnight tonight?” I giggle as I pull you in for a kiss.

We stop and smile and you ask, “Want to move to the bed?”

thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 27th, 2006 (11:30 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Aerosmith - Livin On The Edge

We sit face to face in the hot bath. My legs are wrapped around your waist and your cock is just inches away from my hole. The light is off but the flickering of the tea lights light the room enough. We kiss passionately with tongues darting around each others mouths or caressing one another’s lips. You break the kiss because you are dizzy, maybe because of the combination of the heat from the water or lack of oxygen. You lean back on the wall and shut your eyes.

I start to drizzle water on your bare chest and watch your face just to make sure you are ok. I notice you shaved today and I want to reach out to feel the smoothness but I know I wont be able to reach. You smile slightly with your eyes still shut, I guess you are enjoying the water that is running down your chest and over your nipples then over your stomach. Or maybe you like it when I follow those drips of water with my nails. I look back at your face. You have some hair resting on your still shut eyelid, I want to move it so it does poke you when you open your eyes; but again, I cant reach. I watch you sit back completely relaxed with a cute smile across your face and think about how six months ago I never thought any of this would have happen and how happy I am that it did.

Slowly you open your eyes and blink a couple times to focus better and your smile grows wider. You are able to reach out and you touch my cheek with your hand. We are looking into each others eyes and I want to tell you so badly but its hard for me. I never felt this way about anyone before and it still seems so soon but I know the feelings are true. You blow me a kiss and ask me “what?”. My eyes cant hide anything and you are starting to learn that. The words are at the tip of my tongue but wont come out. I look at you for a moment longer trying to gain the courage but all that comes out is “nothing” and I flash you a big smile before pulling you in for a kiss.

Eventually we get out of the bath and stumble onto your bed. I’m cold at first so I pull the blankets over me and we cuddle a bit. Soon I’m on top of you and you gasp when my wet pussy touches your hard cock. “damn that’s feels nice”. I start moving my hips making my pussy slide up and down your length. Now im hot and I toss the blankets back and off us. I pick up the pace and kiss you where ever my mouth leads me to. You begin to move in perfect rhythm with my hips and our tempo picks up once more. With each thrust I notice how close your head is to hitting the wall behind you so I move a hand there to protect you. I can feel the sweat beginning to form where our bodies touch. I missed you so much while I was away and this all feels so perfect.

We are nose to nose breathing heavily into each others mouth and you speak:
“Holly? Do you feel love when we do this?”
“ah uh” is all I am able to moan into your mouth
A small pause while we continue to grind.
“I love you Holly”
“I love you”. Oh god it feels so good to tell you

We change positions and I take hold of your cock and stroke it fast when you push a finger up into me. Its not long before I feel my insides tense up and your hot cum all over my stomach.

Time to shower.

thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 11th, 2006 (06:48 am)

To was your official move in date. I had been up early since I was having trouble sleeping ever since the strike started. So I decided to go and buy you a house warming gift. I ended up with some towels, bed sheets, garbage bin and some candles, all in your colour of choice, black.

I went over to your moms place and you and your friend and your bother were ready to go. You packed up the van and we left for the first load to the new apartment. You took your car with things in it along with your friend and your brother got in the van with me.

It was really the first time I was a lone with him. He was nice and funny and reminded me of a younger version of you. We talked a lot in the rides to and from your place. After the last load of stuff was brought upstairs we all sort of sat around a bit. I wanted everyone to leave so I could have you to my self; I had only gotten a few smooches here and there. The time came where you had to take your brother to work and I needed to go home and shower.

Later you came to pick me up and we went back to your new place. You took no time in attacking me in the elevator. The doors shut and within seconds, your tongue was tickling my tonsil. It was a shirt ride up to your floor and just as fast as the kiss started it stopped you backed up when the doors opened leaving me there with my eyes shut and mouth open. “Hey” I whined chasing you out of the elevator. You managed to get in a couple ass grabs as we went down the hall even though I playfully tried to avoid them.

You opened the apartment door and shit it behind us. There were boxes everywhere. We discussed a little where things should go then started to reassemble your desk. Once that was done I gave it a good cleaning as you put some other stuff away. We put together your computer and I think we both had had enough of boxes. You kissed me on the forehead and said I should have waited to have my shower and we could have showered together, as you traced the outline of my breast then lightly pinched my nipple. “Go shower, and be fast” I said as I walked into the bedroom and you went into the washroom. I tried the new sheets on your bed but they were the wrong size so I folded them back up and replaced the blankets that were there in the first place.

When you got out of the shower I was laying on the bed, I had a slight headache. You jumped on top of me and started kissing my face and neck. “These towels smell like you and it’s gotten me a bit horny” you told me between kisses. Yep, I could tell!

Item by item my clothes were coming off. You started with my socks kissing and nibbling on each foot and up my leg a bit. Then my first shirt “I’m wearing layer to make you work” I giggled. The next shirt I was wearing was the white tank top that you love so much. “Mmmm” you said “look at those curves” as you ran your hands down the sides of my body and over my hips. You stand me up on the bed and you are standing on the floor making my tits right at your eye level. You bite at them making me giggle before you undo my pants to reveal a bright pair of pink, orange and yellow panties “now those are cute, are they new?” “newish” I said “I don’t think you have ever taken these ones off me” you pull my jean down and off and I undo yours and they fall to the floor and your hard prick stands at attention as I walk across the bed to place my glasses on the window ceil. When I turn around you are lying on the bed and I take my last shirt off leaving me in my bra and panties. “Hop on baby” you say to me but I ask you to move over a bit because it looks as if you could bang your head on the wall heater, or my head for that matter. I sit on top of you and begin kissing and nibbling on your neck. You enjoy this very much and I enjoy doing it to you causing you to make the sounds that you do. You sneak your hands around my back and unclasp my bra as I move down to pay some attention to your nipples. I unthoughtfully toss my bra to the side once it is undone.

“I get such nasty thoughts when you sit on me like this” you moan out between some breaths I look up and you with your nipple still in my mouth and question “ya?” I know exactly what you are thinking so I raise my ass a bit and you adjust your dick and put your hand on my hip indicating I can sit back down, and I do. I feel your cock pressed nice and hard against my virgin sex and I begin to rock slowly. I adjust my arms so that I am able to kiss you.

My tongue first tastes your lips all over before letting our lips touch. I moan softly while I feel your cock move back and forth along my slit over my brightly covered panties. With each stroke over my clit I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. You start to buck your hips in rhythm with me and it feels so fucking good. I rest my head on your shoulder and find myself sucking and licking your neck and you start to move faster. I close my eyes in enjoyment but when I open again I’m dizzy and tell you I need to lie down. Your response was unexpected but I liked it “good cause I need to eat that sexy pussy”

I turn over and lay on my back with one hand on my forehead. You slid my panties down and hold them in the air and say “I like these but they have to go” and you toss them to the floor and I laugh as you dive into my so wet and waiting pussy. After a few moments of your tongue all over I feel your finger at my opening then it pulls away. ‘Don’t stop!’ I'm thinking as I open my eyes. “The things you say” sounding a little disappointed. ‘Oh now I remember’ I think to myself “in my purse” I say as I point it sitting on your dresser. You get up to get them and say “your so smart and that’s sexy and one reason why I like you” as you prepare yourself. You come back down to the bed and reposition yourself between my already spread legs. “Do you want one or two?” “One” I say as you probe my aching hole. “Oh god that feels so good” I say as you lower your face and lick at my clit as you pump in and out of me. You stop your tongue only to say “fuck your so dam tight” and you pump faster. I wiggle my hips a bit to feel your finger everywhere inside of me. And a few seconds later you ask, “Are you cumming?” I nod ‘yes’ and hope you saw me as I can’t speak. You keep pumping in and out of me going deeper and harder.

When I open my eyes your hair is all in your face and I can’t see you. I move your hair from your face and hold it back and you smile and I smile back at you. I can feel my wetness dripping down my ass crack and probably leaving a wet spot on your blankets. You push a second finger in and “whoa!” you found something there. You keep your fingers in my wet pussy and I can feel all my blood rushing down to my pulsating hot spot. You move so that I can reach your rock hard cock and I grab at it and jerk you as if it was your cock inside me giving me that pleasure. You put your head across my neck and are resting your forehead on my opposite shoulder. I am making sounds I have never heard myself make and I can hear your fingers sloshing in and out of my dripping wet pussy “oh my god” I am able to say. “Feel good baby?” you ask and can only grunt out a yes and you sit up to look at me. “Oh shit” you say and I can hear the worry in your voice and I open my eyes and you hand is over your face. Your fingers are still inside of me but moving much slower. “What?” I question “what’s wrong?” you are just looking at me still moving your fingers very slowly now. “What the fuck is wrong?” “I think I was pushing my head into your shoulder too much and I have a nose bleed and there’s blood all over your neck, but I don’t want to stop you were so close, I could feel it”

“Stop” I say and push your hand away. “Go deal with it” “ohhh” you say disappointedly as you get up and go to the washroom. I lay there for a bit in shock to what just happened. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t know how much blood was on me and if I saw it, it would make me sick. You come back to the room with a wad if tissue at your nose and some wet ones for me to clean my neck. You sit on the bed still holding the tissues to your face but help me clean myself up. I sit up and look at you.

“You were so close”
“So what, it’s alright”
“No its not I didn’t finish you off and you were going to cum so hard I could feel it”
There was no doubt that I had never felt like that before but there will be other chances.
“It’s alright, really”

You get up to toss out the bloody tissues and I put my panties back on then follow you to the bathroom. I tie my hair back to see if all the blood was gone; it looked like it was all gone. I could tell you were still disappointed and I offered you a hug. You got dressed and went to the balcony. I put a shirt on and joined you giving you a hug from the back.

thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 4th, 2006 (11:51 pm)
current song: "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (haha remember this song from H

I was on the phone with a friend when you texted my cell. “oh my” I said after I read it. She asked what it said, so I told her “bring some bubble bath over tonight and we can test out my new bath tub”. “ooooh” she said “are you going to?”
“I don’t know”
“why not, it could be fun”
“ya I know but you know how I am with trying new things… and plus, I don’t want to get my hair wet”
“oh, so what! Tie your hair up and have some fun” she laughed. I laughed too “if your not going to, at least wear something sexy. You have been stressed out lately and sexy clothes always cheer people up”
“maybe, I don’t know, I don’t have anything sexy”
“stop thinking so hard and have some fun!”
“ok ok, I’ll see what I can think of”

I couldn’t think of anything and most of my clothes are just blah. I met him and his brother at the new apartment. I had had a mini panic attack earlier from talking to a co-worker about the strike, so I was still a little out of it from the light tranquilizer I took and you could tell something wasn’t right but I didn’t really want to talk about it.

We dropped your brother home and picked up a few more items (pillow, blankets and some boxes) before heading back to the apartment. You brought the blankets and the pillow to the bedroom and I said “you go shower, I’ll do this”. You got in the shower and I set up the blankets on the floor and lit some candles on the floor. You came in the room and laid on the floor, I asked if it was alright if I turn the lights off. You said “as long as I can still see your beautiful face”. I turned the lights off and you said it was fine. I looked at the kiss banner that was slightly covering the widow for privacy and positioned myself to a spot where I felt it was safe that no one could see me remove my shirt. I tossed it on the floor being careful so it didn’t land on the candles before joining you on our picnic style bed we had set up.

Soon all of our clothes were scattered around the room. I straddled you while kissing your neck and face only to work my way down to your nipples. I kiss, lick and nibble for a little before I ask for a drink, my mouth was dry. We take turns drinking from a large iced tea bottle. Soon you are on top of me with one tit in your mouth and the other in your hand. You work your way down tickling every inch of my body. You rub your hard cock along my slit threw my blue g-string, ‘feels good’ I think as you rub it back and forth. You adjust so that your hands are on either side of my head, bodies touching. You rock back and forth. Every time you trust forward I think about you actually being inside of me; then I think of the pain it would bring. I open my eyes to change the thought everywhere I look, I see white; I cant tell where the walls end and the ceiling start. Its like one big white blob with you and I in the centre.

I look up at you and you are looking out the window. I ask what you are looking at and you tell me that people could see us if they wanted to. I said ‘who cares’ and you looked back and me and smiled. I closed my eyes because of the pleasure and because all the white was weirding me out.

“this is what sucks about thongs” you say as you replace the blue fabric to cover my sex. You get up to look for something; I can guess what it is. You say you are sure you packed them in one of these boxes. You can’t find them.

“fuck it” I say “come back here”
“but I don’t want you to get another infection”
“it wasn’t you, it was the antibiotics”
“I’ll look a little more ok?”
“ok, but hurry”

you return with nothing.

“what if you get an infection again”
“well then we will know what’s causing it for sure”

“ok” you say as you drop the blanket you took to cover your self from any peeping toms. You drop to your knees between my legs “you don’t need these anymore” and take my g-string off. You play with my clit with your fingers and wet warm tongue. You move your finger to my opening but only to rub my juices over my folds, which teases me. I think if you were to leave your finger just at my pussy hole I would either cum or die of anticipation. With one hand you massage my clit alternating between your fingers and your tongue. When you are switching, your fingers slide down my now wet pussy and again, you tease my entrance. I don’t think you even know how much that teases me. Sometimes I in vision myself using the wall behind me as leverage and slamming myself down on your fingers. Finally I feel you start to enter “damn you’re so tight…that’s sexy”

“touch me baby” you say as you guide my hand downwards to your cock. You teased me, so now it’s your turn. I run my nails down your stomach, past your rock hard cock and down your thigh. I repeat this on each leg getting closer and closer to your member, but I never touch it. You squirm and slightly sigh when I pass by what you really want me to be touching. I graze my nails over your balls once and you jerk and say, “this is not fair”

“what’s not fair?…this?” as I run my fingertips over your balls once more before taking them in my hand. I massage them a bit before taking your prick fully in my hand. Up and down I go, from the tip until my hand is touching your stomach. You reposition your self next to me so that you can reach my cunt hole again. I can cum much faster and harder when something is in me.

We are both breathing hard and you tell me you are going to cum and so am I. with each shot you grunt and I feel your warm spunk all over my stomach and side. “nice shot” you laugh when you point out that my belly button is now filled.

We wipe off a little before I go to use your shower. It’s nice that you have your own place. “are you coming?” I ask playfully.

thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at April 17th, 2006 (03:43 pm)

After two and a half agonizing weeks of things just not working, finally everything was good to go. You came over just as I was finishing wrapping a gift for a friend of mine. When I was done we headed up stairs.

After a bit of flirting and teasing somehow I ended up on my back with my head at the foot of my bed and you on top of me. Kissing my lips, face and neck my long hair gets in the way. Even with my low v-neck tank top on, my hair seems to be everywhere. You suggest I'm over dressed and the shirt comes off and I tie my hair back promptly. Now you are laying at the head of my bed propped up on the many pillows. I crawl over to you and you advise me I'm still over dressed with just my bra and jeans on. It took me a long time to find sexy bras that fit and I want to wear it a little longer so I ignore your observation and begin kissing on your well marked neck. Your neck is purple from me from the night before. You had me going so bad I didn’t even realize what I had done to you.

I was more gentle this time, just kisses with little biting. It bothered me a little to look at your neck. It looked so sore and I think your description of “it looks like I was in a car accent” was dead on. I asked you to take your shirt off and you had two more marks on your body. “oh my god” I exclaimed and you responded with “you’re a wild animal!” I apologized over and over and you assured me it was alight and that they don’t hurt. You looked like you had been beaten. I told you that I don’t know that I'm doing it so hard or so much, I guess I get so lost that I lose all my senses. I'm scared to touch you and mark you up even more. You say its alright and you’ll tell me if I start that again.

I kiss the bruises on your neck lightly before kissing my way down to your nipple. I kiss all the way around it before taking it into my mouth. You gasp. I love the feeling of your nipple in my mouth, its like the tip of a rose bud that I swirl around in my mouth. I want to bite it but I don’t want to leave anymore battle wounds, so I protect your skin with my lips when I pull away from your body. I switch to the other side and want to bit so badly but I don’t. as I suck, I run my nails along the sides of your body and you squirm under me. I'm tired and my mouth is dry so I just lay on you running my nails slowly all over your body.

You flip me over and pull me down the bed a bit as you undo my jeans. Again my head is at the foot of the bed. Jeans go down but panties stay on. You lean in for a kiss and your hands go behind my back to unclasp my bra. It’s a new bra so the clasps are stiff, you get you it.

You kiss and lick down my neck to my breasts cupping each in your hands as if you had two desserts to eat but couldn’t decide which to start with. You don’t take too much time to decide. You massage one with your palm and take the other in your mouth. You were gentle too. after switching sides you ask if everything is good to go and I smile and nod ‘yes’. “so where are those things you bought?” you ask. I lay my head back “fuck…they are in the car” “well what do you wanna do then?” “ill go get them” as I hop basically naked out of bed leaving you topless. I throw on my jeans and tank top with no bra, grab my keys and run down stairs while holding my chest in place.

When I open the door I see the gardener standing right there. He had been here for 2 or 3 hours so I offered him a drink as I ran to the car to get my items. He wanted a pop and I could use some water. I called upstairs “do you want a drink?” I didn’t hear what you said but it sounded close enough to yes so I got you a pop too.

When I got back to my room you were under the covers, legs spread and erect. I tossed you the box from the car as I took a gulp of my water and striped again. I crawled back on to the bed to kiss you and you laughed a little “your tongue is cold” you said to me. You invite me under the covers and left up the sheet to reveal your naked body. “my jeans seem to of fallen off” you cunningly say. “on top of me huh” you say when I begin to lay beside you. I smile back at you as I startled your body. We are kissing passionately. Lips locked, tongues twined. You pat my ass a little and I take it as a cue to grind a little. I move my hips slowly and your shaft it rubbing my pussy lips threw the soft black panties. Our skin is sticking to each other because we are both hot with sweat. I raise my body just a little so all that’s touching is my nipples to your body, back and forth, back and forth.

I am rolled over on my back my chest is exposed but my feet are tangled in the sheets. Once I set them free you are ready. You position your self to the end of my bed but between my legs. “we might need some lube for this” you suggest looking around my room for some. “I don’t know, I'm pretty wet” “damn that’s so hott”. You run your fingers along my slit sending shivers up my spine. Then you bite my legs a little and I want to stop you but at the same time I don’t. You say “I have been wanting this for so long” as you slip one finger in. “me too” barely slips off my tongue. I grab my tits and just squeeze. You kiss each lip before your tongue comes out swirls around for my clit. All I can manage is a few grunts and groans here and there. I can hardly breathe let a lone speak. Your finger pumps fast and matches the rhythm of your tongue. You ask if you can slip another one in and I say not yet. You reach inside of me as far as you can and your other finger is on my clit. You are talking dirty to me “you like that, don’t you” “you’re my dirty girl” “I want to make you cum” I move my hips down a little to make sure you are going as far as you can and you speed up the pace just a little and that does it for me. I feel my insides grab your finger but you continue to pump. You ask again “can I use another one?” “ya but just go slow”

You slide the second one in slowly. I remind you “slowly”. “fuck your tight” You move in and out slowly and your other hand comes up and goes under one of the hands that are on my chest. I go to move my hand away but you grab it and put it back. We interlock fingers and palm it together. You have two fingers in my and your thumb on my clit, “faster” I tell you. You go a little faster and ask “faster?” yes I nod. No words because I can feel it building again within seconds. “fuck” My knees naturally want to close but I don’t want them to so I move one leg so that I'm stepping on your bent thigh to use as leverage as I cum for the second time. You tell me your shoulder is hurting so I tell you to come lay with me.

You get up close to me still erect. I kiss you on the mouth even though my lips and tongue are dry from all the mouth breathing. You direct my hand down to your stiff cock and I take it in my hand. At first I masturbate you slowly but pick up the pace. I try to remember that you like it near the tip but I like to feel the entirely of it. “that feels so good holly” your hand reaches back down to my clit. You whisper that you want to cum together like last time. I don’t know if I could go a third time without dieing I think to my self. I continue to pump your cock and you whisper to me again “do you want me inside of you?” How do I answer? I do eventually want that, but not today. I just say “no” and we can talk about it later if need be. “that’s alright” you said as you put your arm around my shoulder. “I'm gonna cum”. I continue with your precum on my hand. “I'm cumming holly” your grunt out and seconds later I feel a warm sensation on my stomach, and another and another. You breathe then tense up one last time. I feel your cum run down my side and on to the bed. We both lay there breathing hard. Slowly we calm and I open my eyes first. I smile at you when you open your eyes. Again we have a dry kiss and I say “fuck that was hott”

After cleaning up and one playful gay eyeful shot of “the bat wing” and some hysterical laughing, we cuddled on the bed for a bit naked. I could of done it all over again but you seemed tired and hungry. So we got dressed and went out.

thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at April 15th, 2006 (10:33 am)

You lay me down softly on the bed making sure I am comfortable. You light some candles then dim the lights. When you return to the bed you climb on top of me kissing me softly with your silky lips. Our lips are pressed together when I comb my fingers threw your hair so I can see your face. You break the kiss to tell me I'm beautiful before I grab the back of your head and pull you back down to my lips. My tongue sneaks out to lick your lips and you part your mouth slightly giving me full access to that bottom lip of yours that I love so much. I take it into my mouth sucking on it lightly. Your tongue slips past my lips and explores the entirety of my mouth. My tongue dashes into your mouth. I massage your tongue with mine. I want to get my tongue in as far as I can, that’s when our teeth clank. We continue like this for a while only stopping to catch our breath.

You nuzzle your head between my neck and shoulder. I can feel you breathing heavy with your chest pressed against mine. Your body rises and falls with each breath you take. Soon I feel your tongue on my collarbone. It’s hot and makes me shiver and I giggle. I can feel you getting hard on my thigh. You kiss, suck and nibble up and down my neck. You pay special attention behind my earlobe. Again, this makes me shiver. You switch sides but this time your hand is on my tit at the same time. You palm it in big circles, you know I like it that way, still kissing my neck at the same time. After a few minutes of this, you roll over on your back beside me.

I take a moment to come back to down to earth before jump on top of you. Sitting on your groin area, with my knees on the bed and feet under your ass, I pin your hands above your head and attack that bottom lip again. This time taking it between my teeth pulling it away from your mouth. You groan in approval then I let go and suck on it a bit. I push your head to one side with my cheek, and I move down slightly to kiss your neck. Softly I kiss all over. I sit up for a minute to remove my shirt. I run my hands under your shirt moving it up slightly. You get the hint and take it off. After you toss it to the floor, you reach behind me and undo my bra. It falls off my shoulders and I take it all the way off. You reach up to grab my tit but I push your hand away “not yet”. I reassume position with your hands locked under mine, this time palms up and our fingers are interlocking. You try to kiss me as my mouth moves across your face back to your neck. I bring my head back so you cant reach me. You moan in disappointment, then laugh. I lower my head and give you one swift lick on your bottom lip then move promptly back to your neck. “Tease” you say. But I know you are loving it. I can feel that you do, its pushing against my virgin sex.

I lick your neck this time, I press my tongue flat against your smooth skin. Then I bite the moistened area. You hold your breath till I let go. I graze my teeth up your neck to your ear. Licking softly behind your lobe before taking it in my mouth. “mmmm you never done that before”. I continue for a moment since you approve. I lick downwards from your ear to your collarbone getting your neck ready for what I'm about to do next. I take a mouth full of your skin and slid back up the invisible pathway I had made with my tongue. Again your hold your breath but this time you push your self against me more. Slowly I make my way up and I moan with the sensation in my mouth and with what's going on down below. I grind slowly before letting go with my mouth. “shit that was nice” you breathe “it was like, like, shit I cant talk...” I giggle in satisfaction. I like making you feel so good. “like a snail under my skin, damn” you manage to blurt out.

I release your hands and you lay still. I run my fingernails all over your naked torso. You squirm under me when I run them along your sides. Your eyes open and in one swift move, I'm on my back and again, you are on top of me.

I lay still while you get comfortable on top of me. You look down at me and I can just see your smile peeking out through your hair, which is hanging in your face again. I push it back from your face but it falls again. “What do you want me to do to you?” you ask. My answer is always the same. I like everything you do. Anytime your warm hands touches me its like the first time we kissed, a warm rush comes over me. You flip your hair to one side then lower your head to my right nipple. You take the left one in your hand and massage it while you suck, nibble and lick the other. My hands scratch up and down your back. When I nails run up your sides you shiver lighting causing you to suck a little harder on my tit making me gasp.

You switch sides making the excuse that the right tit is being left out. I take your hair in my hands to move it out of your way. You don’t start lightly this time and catch me off guard. Not paying much attention I start pulling your hair. It feels so good, the pressure, the pleasure. I squeeze my eyes shut and my legs tight around yours; the pain feels so good.

You begin to kiss your way down my stomach. Your hands follow along my sides. My arms die on either side of me until you get closer to my belly button. I'm so ticklish you are making the muscles and organs inside of me jump and squirm. I'm trying not to laugh too loud and wake everyone up. after kissing every spot on my stomach , you lick your way up my stomach, over my D cup, to my collar bone, up my neck and into my mouth. I grab the back of your head to push your tongue is as far as possible. Your hand wonders down to find my hot spot threw my jeans. This intensifies my want for you. The kiss is finally broken.

We both need to catch our breath this time. I get mine first so I climb back on you. I kiss you softly on the forehead and ask if you are ready, “fuck ya”. I smile back at you before attacking your nipple. I take it all into my mouth plus more. I suck furiously and you gasp and hold your breath until I let go for a split second. Your breath increases to fast short breaths. I run my nails along your side again, just to make you squirm some more. I like having that power. I suck and flick your nipple more with my tongue before switching sides. I grind some more against your hardness. I'm out of breath again and lay down on top of you. I listen to your rapid heart and feel your chest rise and fall. Your arms are around me as you tell me that you never felt like that before when anyone has done that to you.

We move so that we are laying beside each other, me on my back and you on your side facing me. You move down so your face is near my stomach. You start kissing some more but you continue to move down. You bite sharply on my legs only to discover my most ticklish spot. I cover my mouth this time so I'm not loud. You ask if its alright to remove my pants and I nod yes.

You are astonished by my black brief style panties. You can’t stop saying how much you like them and you kiss them all over. You move your hand to find my clit. You are now positioned between my legs, my knees are bent to give you better access. You bite my legs some more on my inner thigh. This drives me nuts, you then bite at my clit. This is all new to me and all my senses seem to be on over drive. You move the side of my black panties over a bit and you ask if I trust you. I do but you must sense some of my nerves because you take my hand as you kiss me for the first time that anyone ever has on my wet slit.

Your tongue comes out and slides over my lips and the sensation drives me wild. I feel so hot yet I have goose bumps. I keep my hand over my mouth to stop myself from screaming in ecstasy. I push your head back for a second just so I can breathe because I feel like I'm going to die. You ask if I'm ok and I manage to say yes. The panties come off so you can have full access to my sex.

Your tongue touches my clit and its like an electric bolt threw my body and again my hand is over my mouth. This time though, I feel your hand over mine. I slide my hand out so yours is right on my mouth. ‘this is so hot’ I'm thinking. You push slightly on my mouth slipping one finger in and I bite down gently on the gag. Soon I feel something different that you are doing to me. Your finger is inside of me sliding in and out of me and naturally my legs spread wider. “damn your tight” you say. In and out. In and out. Soon your tongue is back sucking on my clit with your finger still pumping in and out. That’s it. I feel my insides tensing as if they were trying to suck your finger in more. I'm sweating then a release and I feel dead. My whole body is relaxed and I cant move.

You crawl up beside me and ask if its alright to kiss me. All I can manage is a slight nod before I feel your lips pressed against mine. Your goatee is wet against my face and I smile as you hold me close. You pull the blankets up because I'm starting to shiver. Your warm chest against my back warms me up and soon we are both asleep.

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