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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at April 17th, 2006 (03:43 pm)

After two and a half agonizing weeks of things just not working, finally everything was good to go. You came over just as I was finishing wrapping a gift for a friend of mine. When I was done we headed up stairs.

After a bit of flirting and teasing somehow I ended up on my back with my head at the foot of my bed and you on top of me. Kissing my lips, face and neck my long hair gets in the way. Even with my low v-neck tank top on, my hair seems to be everywhere. You suggest I'm over dressed and the shirt comes off and I tie my hair back promptly. Now you are laying at the head of my bed propped up on the many pillows. I crawl over to you and you advise me I'm still over dressed with just my bra and jeans on. It took me a long time to find sexy bras that fit and I want to wear it a little longer so I ignore your observation and begin kissing on your well marked neck. Your neck is purple from me from the night before. You had me going so bad I didn’t even realize what I had done to you.

I was more gentle this time, just kisses with little biting. It bothered me a little to look at your neck. It looked so sore and I think your description of “it looks like I was in a car accent” was dead on. I asked you to take your shirt off and you had two more marks on your body. “oh my god” I exclaimed and you responded with “you’re a wild animal!” I apologized over and over and you assured me it was alight and that they don’t hurt. You looked like you had been beaten. I told you that I don’t know that I'm doing it so hard or so much, I guess I get so lost that I lose all my senses. I'm scared to touch you and mark you up even more. You say its alright and you’ll tell me if I start that again.

I kiss the bruises on your neck lightly before kissing my way down to your nipple. I kiss all the way around it before taking it into my mouth. You gasp. I love the feeling of your nipple in my mouth, its like the tip of a rose bud that I swirl around in my mouth. I want to bite it but I don’t want to leave anymore battle wounds, so I protect your skin with my lips when I pull away from your body. I switch to the other side and want to bit so badly but I don’t. as I suck, I run my nails along the sides of your body and you squirm under me. I'm tired and my mouth is dry so I just lay on you running my nails slowly all over your body.

You flip me over and pull me down the bed a bit as you undo my jeans. Again my head is at the foot of the bed. Jeans go down but panties stay on. You lean in for a kiss and your hands go behind my back to unclasp my bra. It’s a new bra so the clasps are stiff, you get you it.

You kiss and lick down my neck to my breasts cupping each in your hands as if you had two desserts to eat but couldn’t decide which to start with. You don’t take too much time to decide. You massage one with your palm and take the other in your mouth. You were gentle too. after switching sides you ask if everything is good to go and I smile and nod ‘yes’. “so where are those things you bought?” you ask. I lay my head back “fuck…they are in the car” “well what do you wanna do then?” “ill go get them” as I hop basically naked out of bed leaving you topless. I throw on my jeans and tank top with no bra, grab my keys and run down stairs while holding my chest in place.

When I open the door I see the gardener standing right there. He had been here for 2 or 3 hours so I offered him a drink as I ran to the car to get my items. He wanted a pop and I could use some water. I called upstairs “do you want a drink?” I didn’t hear what you said but it sounded close enough to yes so I got you a pop too.

When I got back to my room you were under the covers, legs spread and erect. I tossed you the box from the car as I took a gulp of my water and striped again. I crawled back on to the bed to kiss you and you laughed a little “your tongue is cold” you said to me. You invite me under the covers and left up the sheet to reveal your naked body. “my jeans seem to of fallen off” you cunningly say. “on top of me huh” you say when I begin to lay beside you. I smile back at you as I startled your body. We are kissing passionately. Lips locked, tongues twined. You pat my ass a little and I take it as a cue to grind a little. I move my hips slowly and your shaft it rubbing my pussy lips threw the soft black panties. Our skin is sticking to each other because we are both hot with sweat. I raise my body just a little so all that’s touching is my nipples to your body, back and forth, back and forth.

I am rolled over on my back my chest is exposed but my feet are tangled in the sheets. Once I set them free you are ready. You position your self to the end of my bed but between my legs. “we might need some lube for this” you suggest looking around my room for some. “I don’t know, I'm pretty wet” “damn that’s so hott”. You run your fingers along my slit sending shivers up my spine. Then you bite my legs a little and I want to stop you but at the same time I don’t. You say “I have been wanting this for so long” as you slip one finger in. “me too” barely slips off my tongue. I grab my tits and just squeeze. You kiss each lip before your tongue comes out swirls around for my clit. All I can manage is a few grunts and groans here and there. I can hardly breathe let a lone speak. Your finger pumps fast and matches the rhythm of your tongue. You ask if you can slip another one in and I say not yet. You reach inside of me as far as you can and your other finger is on my clit. You are talking dirty to me “you like that, don’t you” “you’re my dirty girl” “I want to make you cum” I move my hips down a little to make sure you are going as far as you can and you speed up the pace just a little and that does it for me. I feel my insides grab your finger but you continue to pump. You ask again “can I use another one?” “ya but just go slow”

You slide the second one in slowly. I remind you “slowly”. “fuck your tight” You move in and out slowly and your other hand comes up and goes under one of the hands that are on my chest. I go to move my hand away but you grab it and put it back. We interlock fingers and palm it together. You have two fingers in my and your thumb on my clit, “faster” I tell you. You go a little faster and ask “faster?” yes I nod. No words because I can feel it building again within seconds. “fuck” My knees naturally want to close but I don’t want them to so I move one leg so that I'm stepping on your bent thigh to use as leverage as I cum for the second time. You tell me your shoulder is hurting so I tell you to come lay with me.

You get up close to me still erect. I kiss you on the mouth even though my lips and tongue are dry from all the mouth breathing. You direct my hand down to your stiff cock and I take it in my hand. At first I masturbate you slowly but pick up the pace. I try to remember that you like it near the tip but I like to feel the entirely of it. “that feels so good holly” your hand reaches back down to my clit. You whisper that you want to cum together like last time. I don’t know if I could go a third time without dieing I think to my self. I continue to pump your cock and you whisper to me again “do you want me inside of you?” How do I answer? I do eventually want that, but not today. I just say “no” and we can talk about it later if need be. “that’s alright” you said as you put your arm around my shoulder. “I'm gonna cum”. I continue with your precum on my hand. “I'm cumming holly” your grunt out and seconds later I feel a warm sensation on my stomach, and another and another. You breathe then tense up one last time. I feel your cum run down my side and on to the bed. We both lay there breathing hard. Slowly we calm and I open my eyes first. I smile at you when you open your eyes. Again we have a dry kiss and I say “fuck that was hott”

After cleaning up and one playful gay eyeful shot of “the bat wing” and some hysterical laughing, we cuddled on the bed for a bit naked. I could of done it all over again but you seemed tired and hungry. So we got dressed and went out.