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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at April 15th, 2006 (10:33 am)

You lay me down softly on the bed making sure I am comfortable. You light some candles then dim the lights. When you return to the bed you climb on top of me kissing me softly with your silky lips. Our lips are pressed together when I comb my fingers threw your hair so I can see your face. You break the kiss to tell me I'm beautiful before I grab the back of your head and pull you back down to my lips. My tongue sneaks out to lick your lips and you part your mouth slightly giving me full access to that bottom lip of yours that I love so much. I take it into my mouth sucking on it lightly. Your tongue slips past my lips and explores the entirety of my mouth. My tongue dashes into your mouth. I massage your tongue with mine. I want to get my tongue in as far as I can, that’s when our teeth clank. We continue like this for a while only stopping to catch our breath.

You nuzzle your head between my neck and shoulder. I can feel you breathing heavy with your chest pressed against mine. Your body rises and falls with each breath you take. Soon I feel your tongue on my collarbone. It’s hot and makes me shiver and I giggle. I can feel you getting hard on my thigh. You kiss, suck and nibble up and down my neck. You pay special attention behind my earlobe. Again, this makes me shiver. You switch sides but this time your hand is on my tit at the same time. You palm it in big circles, you know I like it that way, still kissing my neck at the same time. After a few minutes of this, you roll over on your back beside me.

I take a moment to come back to down to earth before jump on top of you. Sitting on your groin area, with my knees on the bed and feet under your ass, I pin your hands above your head and attack that bottom lip again. This time taking it between my teeth pulling it away from your mouth. You groan in approval then I let go and suck on it a bit. I push your head to one side with my cheek, and I move down slightly to kiss your neck. Softly I kiss all over. I sit up for a minute to remove my shirt. I run my hands under your shirt moving it up slightly. You get the hint and take it off. After you toss it to the floor, you reach behind me and undo my bra. It falls off my shoulders and I take it all the way off. You reach up to grab my tit but I push your hand away “not yet”. I reassume position with your hands locked under mine, this time palms up and our fingers are interlocking. You try to kiss me as my mouth moves across your face back to your neck. I bring my head back so you cant reach me. You moan in disappointment, then laugh. I lower my head and give you one swift lick on your bottom lip then move promptly back to your neck. “Tease” you say. But I know you are loving it. I can feel that you do, its pushing against my virgin sex.

I lick your neck this time, I press my tongue flat against your smooth skin. Then I bite the moistened area. You hold your breath till I let go. I graze my teeth up your neck to your ear. Licking softly behind your lobe before taking it in my mouth. “mmmm you never done that before”. I continue for a moment since you approve. I lick downwards from your ear to your collarbone getting your neck ready for what I'm about to do next. I take a mouth full of your skin and slid back up the invisible pathway I had made with my tongue. Again your hold your breath but this time you push your self against me more. Slowly I make my way up and I moan with the sensation in my mouth and with what's going on down below. I grind slowly before letting go with my mouth. “shit that was nice” you breathe “it was like, like, shit I cant talk...” I giggle in satisfaction. I like making you feel so good. “like a snail under my skin, damn” you manage to blurt out.

I release your hands and you lay still. I run my fingernails all over your naked torso. You squirm under me when I run them along your sides. Your eyes open and in one swift move, I'm on my back and again, you are on top of me.

I lay still while you get comfortable on top of me. You look down at me and I can just see your smile peeking out through your hair, which is hanging in your face again. I push it back from your face but it falls again. “What do you want me to do to you?” you ask. My answer is always the same. I like everything you do. Anytime your warm hands touches me its like the first time we kissed, a warm rush comes over me. You flip your hair to one side then lower your head to my right nipple. You take the left one in your hand and massage it while you suck, nibble and lick the other. My hands scratch up and down your back. When I nails run up your sides you shiver lighting causing you to suck a little harder on my tit making me gasp.

You switch sides making the excuse that the right tit is being left out. I take your hair in my hands to move it out of your way. You don’t start lightly this time and catch me off guard. Not paying much attention I start pulling your hair. It feels so good, the pressure, the pleasure. I squeeze my eyes shut and my legs tight around yours; the pain feels so good.

You begin to kiss your way down my stomach. Your hands follow along my sides. My arms die on either side of me until you get closer to my belly button. I'm so ticklish you are making the muscles and organs inside of me jump and squirm. I'm trying not to laugh too loud and wake everyone up. after kissing every spot on my stomach , you lick your way up my stomach, over my D cup, to my collar bone, up my neck and into my mouth. I grab the back of your head to push your tongue is as far as possible. Your hand wonders down to find my hot spot threw my jeans. This intensifies my want for you. The kiss is finally broken.

We both need to catch our breath this time. I get mine first so I climb back on you. I kiss you softly on the forehead and ask if you are ready, “fuck ya”. I smile back at you before attacking your nipple. I take it all into my mouth plus more. I suck furiously and you gasp and hold your breath until I let go for a split second. Your breath increases to fast short breaths. I run my nails along your side again, just to make you squirm some more. I like having that power. I suck and flick your nipple more with my tongue before switching sides. I grind some more against your hardness. I'm out of breath again and lay down on top of you. I listen to your rapid heart and feel your chest rise and fall. Your arms are around me as you tell me that you never felt like that before when anyone has done that to you.

We move so that we are laying beside each other, me on my back and you on your side facing me. You move down so your face is near my stomach. You start kissing some more but you continue to move down. You bite sharply on my legs only to discover my most ticklish spot. I cover my mouth this time so I'm not loud. You ask if its alright to remove my pants and I nod yes.

You are astonished by my black brief style panties. You can’t stop saying how much you like them and you kiss them all over. You move your hand to find my clit. You are now positioned between my legs, my knees are bent to give you better access. You bite my legs some more on my inner thigh. This drives me nuts, you then bite at my clit. This is all new to me and all my senses seem to be on over drive. You move the side of my black panties over a bit and you ask if I trust you. I do but you must sense some of my nerves because you take my hand as you kiss me for the first time that anyone ever has on my wet slit.

Your tongue comes out and slides over my lips and the sensation drives me wild. I feel so hot yet I have goose bumps. I keep my hand over my mouth to stop myself from screaming in ecstasy. I push your head back for a second just so I can breathe because I feel like I'm going to die. You ask if I'm ok and I manage to say yes. The panties come off so you can have full access to my sex.

Your tongue touches my clit and its like an electric bolt threw my body and again my hand is over my mouth. This time though, I feel your hand over mine. I slide my hand out so yours is right on my mouth. ‘this is so hot’ I'm thinking. You push slightly on my mouth slipping one finger in and I bite down gently on the gag. Soon I feel something different that you are doing to me. Your finger is inside of me sliding in and out of me and naturally my legs spread wider. “damn your tight” you say. In and out. In and out. Soon your tongue is back sucking on my clit with your finger still pumping in and out. That’s it. I feel my insides tensing as if they were trying to suck your finger in more. I'm sweating then a release and I feel dead. My whole body is relaxed and I cant move.

You crawl up beside me and ask if its alright to kiss me. All I can manage is a slight nod before I feel your lips pressed against mine. Your goatee is wet against my face and I smile as you hold me close. You pull the blankets up because I'm starting to shiver. Your warm chest against my back warms me up and soon we are both asleep.