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obedient29 [userpic]
Holly... pt. 3!
by obedient29 (obedient29)
at August 4th, 2006 (07:08 pm)

Pt. 3! (pt. 1 and 2 are in my lj) Hope somebody out there is enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it, haha.


The scene must have been laughable. Me, pinned against the kitchen counter top with my pants snugged tight around my ankles and no shirt, and Holly, gloriously naked except for her necklaces and other various goth jewelry. Ashely wore an unbearably amused smile as she walked toward us. Holly hopped up off of me and walked to Ashley. Holly walked into Ashley's arms and they embraced. The black-light from the living room creating a purple-ish glow around them as they kissed in a passionate make-out session. I knew they were best friends, but it was still a shock. My dick stood at eager attention as I watched them both enjoy each others' bodies with their hands.

I should probably speak to how sexy they both were, haha. Holly was a slender girl. Not so much tan, but a good color with no tan lines. Her cherry blond hair fell daintily around her neck. Her breasts were perfectly proportional and her ass was just too perfect. She literally had the body of a supermodel. She was slightly shorter than Ashly (and me, Ashley and I are about the same height). Ashley was very tan, she had some Spanish heritage to her but it wasn't very noticeable except for her skin color (alas, no sexy Spanish accent..). Ashley wore a black and red halter-top and a very very VERY short, spike studded skirt. She was slightly taller than Holly and I. Her limbs were thick with muscle, but not at all too much. Her tummy was tight and she wore a belly-button ring. Though my favorite little piece of her ensemble that evening HAD to be her leather doggie collar around her neck... Her breasts were large and her hips wide. She often bragged that guys had gotten hard just by looking at her. I didn't doubt that for a second. If Holly had the body of a supermodel, then Ashley had the body of a porn star.

Eventually, their eyes found me. "On the floor," Ashley commanded and I quickly obeyed. "Sit," Holly demanded, I obliged. Ashley walked behind me and Holly in front. "Good boy..." Ashley purred. I wondered briefly if they had planned this as they encircled me. I felt Ashley's thighs around my hips as I sat on the cold tile kitchen floor. Holly sat, laying her legs on either side of me. Their legs interlocked and I was trapped. My hard dick stood and was brushed by Holly's pussy, making my entire body shiver. Ashley's breasts pillowed against my back as Holly leaned in to kiss me...

And then leaned farther, past my lips, to Ashley's lips beside my ear. Above the goth rock music around the kitchen's wide open doorway I could hear their sloppy kiss, my dick jumped in response. Giggles and gasps escaped both of their heavenly lips as they kissed, then I noticed what their hands were doing. Ashley's hands reached around me and fondled Holly's breasts, I couldn't tell what Holly's hands were doing but whatever it was, Ashley moaned in response. Their legs tensed against my sides and my breathing was hampered. "Feeling left out?" Ashley's sexy voice in my ear.

A new sensation entered as I felt two hands fondle my diamond hard dick, I gasped hard and I felt them laughing, their breasts transmitting the vibrations through my body. "Oh......oh God......" I moaned. The two girls squirmed around me and I felt a new pair of hands on my dick as Holly helped. "Moan for me baby.." Holly commanded as four hands fondled and pumped my cock.

"H...ah.....Holly...AshleeeeeeeaaAFFUCK.....oohfuck," I moaned just before I felt Holly's lips smudge against mine. My lips were pry-ed open as her thighs constricted around my sides. My breath was in short supply as we kissed passionately. Eventually our breathless kiss concluded and I gaped for air.

"MMMMmmmmmm, how nice," Ashley whispered in my ear. "Yes ..such a polite boy..." Holly said. "How bout a reward..." she growled as I felt my body being leaned back. I was positioned on the cold tile floor. Holly's body hovered over me and I saw her form over my face, it was Ashley's cunt. Her skirt pillowed around my head and her scent invaded my lungs. Two simultaneous sensations then occurred.

The first was Ashley's mound pressing down onto my mouth, forcing it open. The second was Holly's pussy lips around my cock head. I moaned hard as she pushed herself down on-top of me. My moans vibrated through Ashley's well-shaven muff and I felt Ashley's body tense and she let out a heavenly, loud, desperate moan from her throat. Holly's hips tensed and gyrated around my dick until she hit balls deep and snugged tightly around me. "FFFFFFUCK..." she screamed, no doubt still horny from my oral.

My world was darkness as Ashley's skirt covered my eyes. I knew her asshole was right in front of me, they were both straddling either end of me, both facing each other.

The loud music reached the particular song's finale and I could hear their sloppy kiss as they shared me. My left hand reached to finger Ashley's clit and my right reached to finger Holly's and I heard them both moan in appreciation. Holly's hips found an increasing rhythm and slammed my ass down against the ever warming tile floor as Ashley's hips gyrated and ground my head into the tile painfully. My tongue went faster and faster, fueling the kiss that was gaining momentum somewhere above my midsection.

What seemed like an hour passed as the two heaven-sent bodies used me harder and harder.

I felt my own orgasm nearing as Holly's thighs tightened. Ashley's grinding grew harder and I knew it would be soon. Holly gripped my hands for leverage and thrust her hips against me, thrashing my body forward, grinding my lips farther down Ashley's pussy. I felt Ashley pulse, and then a flood of honey wash over my face.

My world of darkness illuminated as Ashley fell backwards off of me and my first sight was Holly's evil/beautiful face. This pushed me to my edge, and then her pussy pulsing around my base sent me spiraling over, tumbling down my own glorious orgasm as I felt Holly collapse on-top of me, her hair washing over my chest. She was done, but I was still gushing inside her, my legs wrapped around her ass and her heavy breathing changed.

It was relaxed, but suddenly it picked up quickly, VERY quickly and her body found new life. It clung to me as I pushed her cute, sexy ass into my pelvis. She came again, her orgasm JUST outlasting my first. Her already collapsed body lay atop me, reaching to kiss me as she squirmed and convulsed in her own glorious post-orgasm kiss.

Eventually she rolled off of me and our three exhausted bodies lay panting on the now warm kitchen floor, the black-light illuminating us as we glanced at each other and laughed.


I'm thinking that may be then end. Not sure how I would continue it. Hope somebody liked it!