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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at July 3rd, 2006 (09:46 pm)

current mood: sore/happy

We had just come back to your place after having dinner with my family. We sat and watched tv for a bit to let our food digest. Not too long after we first sat down did you start to kiss up my leg and let your hand slide up my jean skirt to reach my panties. I sat up better so that I could kiss your lips and soon found myself straddling your waist with my skirt hiked up over my hips. I kiss your mouth as your hands round my ass. You break the kiss and say “do you wanna have a shower?” ‘Good idea’ I thought since we had spent most of the afternoon outside in the heat.

We got off the couch at the same time and kissed our way to the bathroom stumbling over stuff on the floor and our own feet. You untied my halter top as I reached for the buttons on your shirt. As I pulled my shirt over my head you unbuttoned my skirt then I grabbed at your belt and smoothed your hands over my beasts as I was wearing no bra. When we finished undressing each other, you got the water ready as I tied up my hair. You watched me while you sat on the edge of the tub and I smiled back at you thinking about how I never saw us coming together like this before.

You got in the shower and I followed with my hair piled on top of my head hoping for it not to get wet. You turned around and pinned me against the cold tile wall and your tongue explored the inside of my mouth. With the cold tiles on my back, the hot water spraying my front and your hot wet tongue in my mouth I was on sensory overload which only got more intense when I felt your hard cock pressing into my slippery pussy. All I could do was lean up against the wall and let my brain turn to mush. You started kissing down my throat and neck to my chest and my fingers became entangled in your now wet hair.

You took your cock and started rubbing my clit with it. You asked if I was enjoying it. You knew I was with the sounds I was making. It felt so warm hard and wet on my clit and felt so incredibly good. You leaned forward a bit forcing you cock along my slit, making sensations even more desirable. You had done this before but for some reason it felt so much better this time. You must have been reading my mind when you asked if I wanted you inside me. I had to think long and hard this time, before the answer was simple and you accepted that but this time, I really had to think.

You sensed my hesitation and questioned me more but this time with more inciting words suggesting how good it would feel. ‘oh god I want it so bad’ is what I’m thinking but “not yet” is what comes out. More and more you question me because you know what I’m thinking. “Tomorrow” I say. You pause for a second “really?” I smile and nod and think ‘oh fuck did I just say that?’ But it’s really what I want. You ask me a million times if I’m sure and I reassure you I’m serious. Soon you realise tomorrow is the 26th and understand but jokingly ask “can we just wait till midnight tonight?” I giggle as I pull you in for a kiss.

We stop and smile and you ask, “Want to move to the bed?”