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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 11th, 2006 (06:48 am)

To was your official move in date. I had been up early since I was having trouble sleeping ever since the strike started. So I decided to go and buy you a house warming gift. I ended up with some towels, bed sheets, garbage bin and some candles, all in your colour of choice, black.

I went over to your moms place and you and your friend and your bother were ready to go. You packed up the van and we left for the first load to the new apartment. You took your car with things in it along with your friend and your brother got in the van with me.

It was really the first time I was a lone with him. He was nice and funny and reminded me of a younger version of you. We talked a lot in the rides to and from your place. After the last load of stuff was brought upstairs we all sort of sat around a bit. I wanted everyone to leave so I could have you to my self; I had only gotten a few smooches here and there. The time came where you had to take your brother to work and I needed to go home and shower.

Later you came to pick me up and we went back to your new place. You took no time in attacking me in the elevator. The doors shut and within seconds, your tongue was tickling my tonsil. It was a shirt ride up to your floor and just as fast as the kiss started it stopped you backed up when the doors opened leaving me there with my eyes shut and mouth open. “Hey” I whined chasing you out of the elevator. You managed to get in a couple ass grabs as we went down the hall even though I playfully tried to avoid them.

You opened the apartment door and shit it behind us. There were boxes everywhere. We discussed a little where things should go then started to reassemble your desk. Once that was done I gave it a good cleaning as you put some other stuff away. We put together your computer and I think we both had had enough of boxes. You kissed me on the forehead and said I should have waited to have my shower and we could have showered together, as you traced the outline of my breast then lightly pinched my nipple. “Go shower, and be fast” I said as I walked into the bedroom and you went into the washroom. I tried the new sheets on your bed but they were the wrong size so I folded them back up and replaced the blankets that were there in the first place.

When you got out of the shower I was laying on the bed, I had a slight headache. You jumped on top of me and started kissing my face and neck. “These towels smell like you and it’s gotten me a bit horny” you told me between kisses. Yep, I could tell!

Item by item my clothes were coming off. You started with my socks kissing and nibbling on each foot and up my leg a bit. Then my first shirt “I’m wearing layer to make you work” I giggled. The next shirt I was wearing was the white tank top that you love so much. “Mmmm” you said “look at those curves” as you ran your hands down the sides of my body and over my hips. You stand me up on the bed and you are standing on the floor making my tits right at your eye level. You bite at them making me giggle before you undo my pants to reveal a bright pair of pink, orange and yellow panties “now those are cute, are they new?” “newish” I said “I don’t think you have ever taken these ones off me” you pull my jean down and off and I undo yours and they fall to the floor and your hard prick stands at attention as I walk across the bed to place my glasses on the window ceil. When I turn around you are lying on the bed and I take my last shirt off leaving me in my bra and panties. “Hop on baby” you say to me but I ask you to move over a bit because it looks as if you could bang your head on the wall heater, or my head for that matter. I sit on top of you and begin kissing and nibbling on your neck. You enjoy this very much and I enjoy doing it to you causing you to make the sounds that you do. You sneak your hands around my back and unclasp my bra as I move down to pay some attention to your nipples. I unthoughtfully toss my bra to the side once it is undone.

“I get such nasty thoughts when you sit on me like this” you moan out between some breaths I look up and you with your nipple still in my mouth and question “ya?” I know exactly what you are thinking so I raise my ass a bit and you adjust your dick and put your hand on my hip indicating I can sit back down, and I do. I feel your cock pressed nice and hard against my virgin sex and I begin to rock slowly. I adjust my arms so that I am able to kiss you.

My tongue first tastes your lips all over before letting our lips touch. I moan softly while I feel your cock move back and forth along my slit over my brightly covered panties. With each stroke over my clit I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. You start to buck your hips in rhythm with me and it feels so fucking good. I rest my head on your shoulder and find myself sucking and licking your neck and you start to move faster. I close my eyes in enjoyment but when I open again I’m dizzy and tell you I need to lie down. Your response was unexpected but I liked it “good cause I need to eat that sexy pussy”

I turn over and lay on my back with one hand on my forehead. You slid my panties down and hold them in the air and say “I like these but they have to go” and you toss them to the floor and I laugh as you dive into my so wet and waiting pussy. After a few moments of your tongue all over I feel your finger at my opening then it pulls away. ‘Don’t stop!’ I'm thinking as I open my eyes. “The things you say” sounding a little disappointed. ‘Oh now I remember’ I think to myself “in my purse” I say as I point it sitting on your dresser. You get up to get them and say “your so smart and that’s sexy and one reason why I like you” as you prepare yourself. You come back down to the bed and reposition yourself between my already spread legs. “Do you want one or two?” “One” I say as you probe my aching hole. “Oh god that feels so good” I say as you lower your face and lick at my clit as you pump in and out of me. You stop your tongue only to say “fuck your so dam tight” and you pump faster. I wiggle my hips a bit to feel your finger everywhere inside of me. And a few seconds later you ask, “Are you cumming?” I nod ‘yes’ and hope you saw me as I can’t speak. You keep pumping in and out of me going deeper and harder.

When I open my eyes your hair is all in your face and I can’t see you. I move your hair from your face and hold it back and you smile and I smile back at you. I can feel my wetness dripping down my ass crack and probably leaving a wet spot on your blankets. You push a second finger in and “whoa!” you found something there. You keep your fingers in my wet pussy and I can feel all my blood rushing down to my pulsating hot spot. You move so that I can reach your rock hard cock and I grab at it and jerk you as if it was your cock inside me giving me that pleasure. You put your head across my neck and are resting your forehead on my opposite shoulder. I am making sounds I have never heard myself make and I can hear your fingers sloshing in and out of my dripping wet pussy “oh my god” I am able to say. “Feel good baby?” you ask and can only grunt out a yes and you sit up to look at me. “Oh shit” you say and I can hear the worry in your voice and I open my eyes and you hand is over your face. Your fingers are still inside of me but moving much slower. “What?” I question “what’s wrong?” you are just looking at me still moving your fingers very slowly now. “What the fuck is wrong?” “I think I was pushing my head into your shoulder too much and I have a nose bleed and there’s blood all over your neck, but I don’t want to stop you were so close, I could feel it”

“Stop” I say and push your hand away. “Go deal with it” “ohhh” you say disappointedly as you get up and go to the washroom. I lay there for a bit in shock to what just happened. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t know how much blood was on me and if I saw it, it would make me sick. You come back to the room with a wad if tissue at your nose and some wet ones for me to clean my neck. You sit on the bed still holding the tissues to your face but help me clean myself up. I sit up and look at you.

“You were so close”
“So what, it’s alright”
“No its not I didn’t finish you off and you were going to cum so hard I could feel it”
There was no doubt that I had never felt like that before but there will be other chances.
“It’s alright, really”

You get up to toss out the bloody tissues and I put my panties back on then follow you to the bathroom. I tie my hair back to see if all the blood was gone; it looked like it was all gone. I could tell you were still disappointed and I offered you a hug. You got dressed and went to the balcony. I put a shirt on and joined you giving you a hug from the back.