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thruthekeyhole [userpic]
by thruthekeyhole (thruthekeyhole)
at May 4th, 2006 (11:51 pm)
current song: "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (haha remember this song from H

I was on the phone with a friend when you texted my cell. “oh my” I said after I read it. She asked what it said, so I told her “bring some bubble bath over tonight and we can test out my new bath tub”. “ooooh” she said “are you going to?”
“I don’t know”
“why not, it could be fun”
“ya I know but you know how I am with trying new things… and plus, I don’t want to get my hair wet”
“oh, so what! Tie your hair up and have some fun” she laughed. I laughed too “if your not going to, at least wear something sexy. You have been stressed out lately and sexy clothes always cheer people up”
“maybe, I don’t know, I don’t have anything sexy”
“stop thinking so hard and have some fun!”
“ok ok, I’ll see what I can think of”

I couldn’t think of anything and most of my clothes are just blah. I met him and his brother at the new apartment. I had had a mini panic attack earlier from talking to a co-worker about the strike, so I was still a little out of it from the light tranquilizer I took and you could tell something wasn’t right but I didn’t really want to talk about it.

We dropped your brother home and picked up a few more items (pillow, blankets and some boxes) before heading back to the apartment. You brought the blankets and the pillow to the bedroom and I said “you go shower, I’ll do this”. You got in the shower and I set up the blankets on the floor and lit some candles on the floor. You came in the room and laid on the floor, I asked if it was alright if I turn the lights off. You said “as long as I can still see your beautiful face”. I turned the lights off and you said it was fine. I looked at the kiss banner that was slightly covering the widow for privacy and positioned myself to a spot where I felt it was safe that no one could see me remove my shirt. I tossed it on the floor being careful so it didn’t land on the candles before joining you on our picnic style bed we had set up.

Soon all of our clothes were scattered around the room. I straddled you while kissing your neck and face only to work my way down to your nipples. I kiss, lick and nibble for a little before I ask for a drink, my mouth was dry. We take turns drinking from a large iced tea bottle. Soon you are on top of me with one tit in your mouth and the other in your hand. You work your way down tickling every inch of my body. You rub your hard cock along my slit threw my blue g-string, ‘feels good’ I think as you rub it back and forth. You adjust so that your hands are on either side of my head, bodies touching. You rock back and forth. Every time you trust forward I think about you actually being inside of me; then I think of the pain it would bring. I open my eyes to change the thought everywhere I look, I see white; I cant tell where the walls end and the ceiling start. Its like one big white blob with you and I in the centre.

I look up at you and you are looking out the window. I ask what you are looking at and you tell me that people could see us if they wanted to. I said ‘who cares’ and you looked back and me and smiled. I closed my eyes because of the pleasure and because all the white was weirding me out.

“this is what sucks about thongs” you say as you replace the blue fabric to cover my sex. You get up to look for something; I can guess what it is. You say you are sure you packed them in one of these boxes. You can’t find them.

“fuck it” I say “come back here”
“but I don’t want you to get another infection”
“it wasn’t you, it was the antibiotics”
“I’ll look a little more ok?”
“ok, but hurry”

you return with nothing.

“what if you get an infection again”
“well then we will know what’s causing it for sure”

“ok” you say as you drop the blanket you took to cover your self from any peeping toms. You drop to your knees between my legs “you don’t need these anymore” and take my g-string off. You play with my clit with your fingers and wet warm tongue. You move your finger to my opening but only to rub my juices over my folds, which teases me. I think if you were to leave your finger just at my pussy hole I would either cum or die of anticipation. With one hand you massage my clit alternating between your fingers and your tongue. When you are switching, your fingers slide down my now wet pussy and again, you tease my entrance. I don’t think you even know how much that teases me. Sometimes I in vision myself using the wall behind me as leverage and slamming myself down on your fingers. Finally I feel you start to enter “damn you’re so tight…that’s sexy”

“touch me baby” you say as you guide my hand downwards to your cock. You teased me, so now it’s your turn. I run my nails down your stomach, past your rock hard cock and down your thigh. I repeat this on each leg getting closer and closer to your member, but I never touch it. You squirm and slightly sigh when I pass by what you really want me to be touching. I graze my nails over your balls once and you jerk and say, “this is not fair”

“what’s not fair?…this?” as I run my fingertips over your balls once more before taking them in my hand. I massage them a bit before taking your prick fully in my hand. Up and down I go, from the tip until my hand is touching your stomach. You reposition your self next to me so that you can reach my cunt hole again. I can cum much faster and harder when something is in me.

We are both breathing hard and you tell me you are going to cum and so am I. with each shot you grunt and I feel your warm spunk all over my stomach and side. “nice shot” you laugh when you point out that my belly button is now filled.

We wipe off a little before I go to use your shower. It’s nice that you have your own place. “are you coming?” I ask playfully.